About me:

Hello there!
It has always been a passion to design garments. With a creative bent of mind and geared with all the necessary skills acquired though formal training in garment creation and marketing, I set out to create a niche for myself in trying to create pieces of clothes that not only look good on people of normal built but also people who have slightly bigger built.
My forte is to create a wearable line for the plus sized women:
Even before I started, I knew that I did not want to create something that was regular run of the mill type. I was sure that there was a lacunae in the segment of the plus sized women clothing because I have seen women in my family and my friends circle struggling with being able to buy themselves a good pair of jeans or even a simple while shirt to go along with it.
The struggle is real:
The fact that clothing is such a basic necessity and dressing well is so important for the self esteem of the person, I ventured into this stream knowing full well the risks and the business predicaments that I may have to face in due course of time.
I approached big fashion houses too:
With my experience of being able to give flattering cuts for slightly bigger women, I have also tried approaching big corporate houses in the industry with an offer to be able to design for them. a lot of meetings and discussions later across the industry, I came to the conclusion that none of the big super cool daddies of the fashion world want to blow up their money designing for big made people. This attitude sucks, I know but this is the reality.
So, I set out alone:
It’s been a journey and what a journey it has been. When I see my customers feeling super confident about their looks and then shining in their careers with it, I feel proud and happy for them. I feel my efforts have been worth it.
Contact me:

You can reach me at the numbers given below. See you!